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The Ghost of Chris is a ghost in The End of Wong Fu. He is the the ghost of the late Chris who died in something that had to do with driving in the video. He guides Philip through a world he caused after he wished there was no Wong Fu.

First AppearenceEdit

He was first introduced in the video when Philip was transported to the lobby of the building their office is in against a wall, he introduces himself as the Ghost of Chris. He informs Philip of how his wish of no more Wong Fu effected everyone. He said that Philip started caring about his work less and started partying more. All his partying got Wong Fu in debt, so Ted had to borrow money from the mob. He couldn't pay it off so he started selling stuff in the blackmarket to get money to pay it off. When they sent Philip to rehab Wes was so emotional he ran a red light. The person who processed the camera's was also the world best model agent. So he signed a contract with Wes and Wes became the most influential man in America. He then slapped Philip and teleported him to Wes' modeling place.