Murray on a Chase is an American animated television series produced by Joe Murray Productions, Cartoon Network Studios and casting done by Wong Fu Productions with Joe Murray Productions. The series is created by Joe Murray (of Rocko's Modern Life and Camp Lazlo fame) and features KevJumba the main voice role as the titular character. This is Joe Murray's first project focusing on human characters and his recent project in television cartooning.


A Chinese-Australian man named Murray (Kevin Wu) immigrates to Oland, United States for a fresh new life. In which he has zany adventures with his friends: Herman (Tom Kenny), Lenny (Doug Lawrence) and his dog Spot (Carlos Alazraqui).


While Kevin Wu is the main voice actor for Murray, Carlos Alazraqui also does his screams and wails giving Murray a distinctive Australian accent. Although not credited fully, he is created as "Voice Characterization Approximation by Carlos Alazraqui" for voicing Murray's screams. He is still regularly credited for Spot and other characters.

  • Kevin Wu - Murray
  • Thomas James Kenny - Herman
  • Doug Lawrence - Lenny
  • Charlie Adler - Andy Dunbell, Mandy Dunbell
  • Jodi Donson - Dr. Paulison
  • Jeff Bennett - Mr. Henderson
  • Steve Little - Various parts

Guest starsEdit

  • Wesley Chan
  • Lucas Cruikshank
  • Philip Wang
  • Ted Fu
  • Brenda Sung
  • Dante Basco
  • Ryan Higa
  • JG Quintel
  • Jeffrey Ross
  • Mitchell Musso
  • Ryan Ochoa
  • Brendan Meyer
  • Joe Murray - Ralph Dunbell. In the second season episode, I Have No Son, when that episode was in production, Martin Olson (writer for the show) suggested that creator Joe Murray himself should voice the animated cartoonist since Murray himself is a cartoonist as well. Also, the character is ironic as Olson wrote in the script that Joe should scream "NEVER, NEVER, NEVER" in one of the scenes in the show to make it funny, which is weird since Joe never screamed. Murray also voiced an animated version of himself in the episode "Short Story" as a gag when KevJumba's character said that he never saw Joe before in which he responded "Your off model, kangaroo boy'."